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Quantitative stool sampler
This patented product is specifically designed for user friendly stool sampling.
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Blood typing SNP Microarray
SNP(Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)is the change of a single nucleotide at a specific position in the genome
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Burn Wound Infection Microbes Detection Microarray
This product, containing up to 250 probes, covers all currently known pathogenic bacteria which can cause skin wound infections.
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Vaginal Microecological Detection Microarray
There are a large number of microbiotas in the vagina for female to form a dynamic balance system to protect the vaginal health.
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Intestinal Microecology Detection Microarray
HALGEN has developed the world's first comprehensive gut microecological detection microarray,which can identify 2100 species of gut bacteria, covering greater than 98 percent of the human intestinal microflora.
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