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Halgen is a leading biotech company focusing on the application of its DNA microarray technology to a wide range of unmet biological and biomedical needs in research, diagnostics and therapeutics development. In addition to its major effort in developing array based clinical diagnostic products, the company offers access to its technology through sale of products (see Products) and services. We provide two major lines of services to the research community.


Customized microarrays

We can design and produce high quality DNA microarray using synthesized oligonucleotides, PCR products, cloned genomic fragment or even whole genomic DNA for detection of single base changes (SNP arrays), targeted genomic range copy number analysis (aCGH arrays), and sequence quantitation arrays (gene expression, microbiome arrays). We can help you develop the companion reagent kits that maximize the performance of your customized arrays.


Microarray analysis

Halgen has serval array products (See Products for description) that accept sample analysis service. You just need to send us your collected samples we will do the rest for you. We can also do sample analysis using your own customized arrays produced at Halgen.