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Halgen technological strength derives from its founder’s pioneer work in DNA microarray development and application and close to thirty years of uninterrupted effort in solving fundamental problems in contact print microarray technology, which involves integrating manufacturing reproducible surfaces for array printing and subsequent background free hybridization, design and preparation of highly specific and sensitive array probes, highly efficient and sensitive hybridization scheme and reagents, robust sample preparation methods, and so on.  Solution of these fundamental issues resulted in an array of related patents, an important asset of the company.  Halgen’s patented microarray manufacturing method (Chinese patent number:ZL 2011 1 0129845.7) allows preparation of arrays with probe size ranging as short as 10 bases to megabase size cloned genomic fragments or whole genomic DNA. The DNA fragments can be single stranded or double stranded.  The probe sequences on the array form a 3D structure, to immensely enhance the detection sensitivity. Combined with our patented microgravity agitation background free hybridization method, Halgen’s microarray system is superior in sensitivity to other microarray platforms. 


One of an important advantages of contact print microarray technology is its flexibility of production.  Arrays can be printed in a batch mode at very low cost.  This is particularly suitable for applications where many arrays are needed for validation of discoveries from a large screen experiment. At Halgen, we produce microarrays under very strict quality control.  From surface preparation to array printing, post processing of arrays, and array testing, we have a system of check points to ensure the quality of each batch of arrays and the companion reagent kits. On a single microarray platform, Halgen can produce high quality arrays and develop companion kits to suit your practical needs. Currently, Halgen’s array products include SNP genotyping arrays, gene expression oligo arrays, aCGH arrays (oligos or cloned fragments), and microbial arrays. At Halgen, as long as microarrays are involved, we are confident we can provide complete solution tailored to your research project. If you happened to have some experience with other microarray platforms that made you lose confidence in microarrays we strongly encourage you to try out our technology.